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Organizing Experience

Would you like to have a room organized in your home in only 1 (one) hour?

If you say yes, you can't miss this opportunity! Check the rules below.

Organizing Experience - Rules!

We are very happy that you've chosen All Tidy for your Organizing Experience!! It will be awesome!! 1-hour organizing for only $20!!!

You don't want to miss it! Let's double-check the rules?

You can choose between:

  • A bedroom - up to 50 pieces of clothing (2 closets of maximum 12 square feet each)

  • A kitchen - up to 8 cabinets

  • A garage - 1 car garage. *

*Garbage removal is not included.

Payment in advance. Only organizing, not cleaning. Space has to be ready for the organization session.

Cancellation has to be 72h before the date agreed upon.

Service region for this product: Durham region.*
*Any other region prices may vary.

Contact us for more information!

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