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Fernanda Lamensdorf has a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil. She has worked for almost 20 years in this area, teaching English to children in international and bilingual schools. She always thought it was the right path on her professional journey. 

In 2012, she married her husband Flavio and together they had a dream of restarting life in another country. They were seeking a life of greater stability and safety.

In 2014 they chose Canada as their new home and that's when their dream started to come true. As an immigrant in the country, Fernanda had to start over professionally.

To gain canadian experience she worked in several areas including factories, stores and as an administrative assistant in an office.

Fernanda always wanted to create something of her own related to organization, but she never had time to put it into practice. Since she was a child, she naturally applied methods of organization in her daily life at her parents' house.

As a result in her spare time, she started creating methods of personal organization for her friends and herself. With practice, she was able to help those closest to her until she started her own business.

With the help of a consulting company, Fernanda created ALL TIDY, to make life easier for everyone who wants a harmonious home. Her goal is to provide people the best organizational practices for their lives.

A house, a room, an office or any organized environment brings peace to those who are present. ALL TIDY believes that, with our help, you can have your own space of peace and tranquillity!

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